About Our Company

Plant Alliance Hungary, mainly due to our customers’ trust, has completed a successful season.

We have been cooperating with the Fischer company for 6 years and we can state that the Fischer logo means a reliable, high quality assortment in the Hungarian market, as well.

The Fischer company merging with Syngenta has given us a great opportunity to broaden our supply.

For instance, in addition to the pelargonium, balcony plant and poinsettia propagation materials, a wide variety of annual, biennual, and perennial plants are available at us in the  form of seedlings or seeds.

A remarkable sortiment par excellence has been compiled from the varieties of the  Fischer and Syngenta companies.

The brand names referring to the usual and pro breeding job will remain the same, therefore, the pelargonium, New Guinea Impatiens and Poinsettia varieties still run under the logo of Fischer, the balcony plants that of Goldfish, and the seeds and the sedlings that of S&G.

We have been paying special attention to providing our customers with the appropriate professional assistance.

You are more than welcome to contact us in regards to cultivation and fertigation matters. We  hope, in this way, to contribute even more to our fellow gardeners’ successful achievement on the market.

Our company’s main profile is producing pelargonium propagation material. However, the demand has been increasing in pre-grown and half-grown plants, as well. To satisfy the actual market expectations, we already consider the amount ordered for the given season when importing the elite mother stock.

We import the annual, perennial and balcony plants, though some of the balcony plants get rooted in our nursery. We have had positive feedbacks on the latter produce, too.

We need to be consequent when placing orders to be able to harmonize the plenty of opportunities deriving from the wide range of varieties, packing, product forms and plant sizes. We do our best to schedule the deliveries in such a way that all these mentioned above will be in accord.

Our professional assistance and palette of products are strongly related, as we only sell products that we also use  during cultivation and our horticultural activities:

- Klasmann Mix Substrates,

- pots in several sizes, propagation trays, hanging baskets,

- Peters Fertilizers, Universol Fertilizer product family.

There is another significant “area” of our nursery, which we put quite some emphasis on every year. It is the Field Trial, which keeps expanding year by year as our supply of plants keeps broadening.

It is essential for us to gather more and more experience about the plants based on our own growing and producing activities.

The Field Trial with thousands of plants is open for the public from spring until fall!

Erika Hegedus

Plant Alliance Hungary

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