Plant Alliance Hungary continues selling pelargonium cuttings mainly from their own mother stock with the Fischer brand name in the never-failing paper-plug-tray packing. We go on importing unrooted and rooted cuttings in the usual way, as per demand. Rooting in our propagation houses at our nursery is enhanced with artificial lighting in winter time.  From spring onwards, we also sell  9cm and 12cm pre-grown pot plants, together with the Toth Nursery. We deliver propagation material all over Hungary at cost price; in addition to our site, shipment can be picked up at Flora Hungaria, as well.

Please, note the novelties of the season: Calliope Dark Red conquers with its beautiful, deep red color and vigorous growth; while Temprano Dark Red/Ruby Dream/ with its velvet-like color and better plant habit. Besides these, several zonale and trailing varieties have been improved: Tango White, Blizzard Fire.

Unrooted cuttings Cuttings in 35 paper plugs
Cuttings in tray Geranium in 10-pack
Pre-grown 9cm Pre-grown 12cm

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