Plant containers

The plants in containers are not only spectacular, but also long-lasting. We are hopeful that you will find the arrangement that will “flower up” your environment or city.



The PYRA pyramid is a Belgian patent; it is perfect in places where technically it is impossible to make flower beds; therefore, it is excellent on concrete,  in surfaced streets, parking areas, offices, and in front of stores. The abundance of substrate in the pyramid contains ample nutrients and takes care of the water balance.


The SIFU program is a French patent, which is made of extremely good materials and a well-designed system of pots, baskets, and pyramids.

We have been growing ornamental plants in our nursery for over 20 years. We have personal experience in the quality of containers. We know that our plants develop healthy and decorate for a long time in SIFU.

As long as you are interested in our offer, please, do not hesitate to contact.

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