The Peters Fertiliser Family is recommended because of the very hard water; supplemented with nitric acid and by adding Ca.

  • Peters Professional 20-10-20+ TE
    • For spring, cultivation period
  • Peters Professional 10-30-20+2Mgo+TE
    • For flowering
  • Peters Professional 10-52-10+TE
    • After planting
  • Peters Professional 15-11-2
    • For cloudy, cool, winter periods
  • Peters Professional 17+07+27+2MgO+TE



Less expensive, but also recommended for hydro culture. However, in case of hard water, it should not be used without acidifying.

  • Universol /Green/ 23-06-10+2,7 MgO+TE
  • Universol /Yellow/ 12-30-12+2,2MgO+TE
  • Universol /Orange/ 16-05-25+3,4MgO+TE

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